3D Plans

3D visualization

  • We will help you design your room
  • Send the floor plan of your room and the basic requirements for its use to our email address.
  • Our designer will suggest the ideal variant of furnishing with our furniture for you
  • This service is free of charge; our reward will be placing of your order with us and
  • implementation!

To create a design we need to know the following information:

  • the floor plan of the room with dimensions
  • the positions of windows, doors, heating or possibly of any other niches etc…
  • your idea of furnishing
  • regarding a children´s room, it is important to know the number of children, their sex and age
  • in case of attic space, indicate which wall is slanted and what is the height that the vertical wall reaches
  • the more information (colour of the walls, colour of the floor…) we have available, the better for us and for you
  • also important is the pricing framework which should not be exceeded
  • finally, remember to include your contact information

Example of an assignment and a sketch:

  • children´s room for two boys, 6 and 9 years old.
  • room dimensions 410 x 380 cm
  • corner window, heating, door location, refer to the drawing
  • sleeping on bunk beds
  • storage space for clothes, books, toys
  • corner desk under the window

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