About Us

We are a company that specializes in children´s and student furniture as well as bedrooms made of wood. You can combine our furniture according to your needs; it is simple, functional and very variable with a modern design and a long lifetime. We use as raw material for the manufacture of this furniture high-quality, well dried spruce and beech wood which does not contain any unsuitable substances, such as formaldehydes, dioxin, heavy metals and similar. When designing and implementing each product, an emphasis is put on health and safety of your children. All furniture edges are rounded to avoid injury. Treads on the steps are flat so that a child can climb to the upper bed comfortably and safely. Furniture is an integral part of your life because it surrounds you 24 hours a day. If you want a really perfect and healthy environment for you and your children, look at our offer of wooden furniture and medical mattresses of a new generation.