The Benefits of High Beds

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It’s not just the colour, style and material of your bed that requires careful scrutiny during the buying process. The height of your bed should be a consideration for so many reasons. Whilst mattress sizes are generally standardised, the height of your bed is not, but how high is too high? And does the height of your bed really matter?

Our selection of high beds is particularly popular for customers looking to purchase a new bed frame for themselves or their children. Made from solid wood with an average height of between 50 and 60cm from the ground, these solid, slatted designs offer stability alongside a plethora of other benefits. Here we explore the advantages of the high bed design in all their glory so you can discover the right bed type for you.

Better value for money

The high bed design differs from standard bed types in more ways than one. As well as offering greater height, high beds don’t feature the box springs that are common across standard bed models. The box spring design is costlier to produce, the absence of which, means high beds offer better value for money for customers.

Well suited to any mattress type

Your bed wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a comfy mattress, and with the purchase of a high bed, the mattress possibilities are endless. You can choose any mattress you want to team with your new high bed, from the classic coil spring to more modern foam designs. This flexibility means you can find a mattress that suits your needs, preferences and budget without the fear of it not being well suited to your chosen bed frame.

Whilst any mattress type can be used with our high beds, the solid, flat surface of the design is perfect for foam based mattresses. Looking for a foam mattress for your new high bed? You’re in luck, we stock a full range of health mattresses. Our health mattresses use a foam base alongside a selection of high quality materials to unlock a number of benefits for customers from all walks of life, including those with back problems.

A truly comfortable night’s sleep

High beds are popular for a number of reasons, but one plus point that many people, including our own customers, rave about is just how comfortable they are. High beds not only look great – our high beds are available in a range of styles, colours and designs – they’re super cosy too. Thanks to the design’s firm, flat base, sleeping is made more relaxing.

Excellent storage capabilities

We all need more storage, particularly if space is at a premium as it is within many modern day properties. High beds ensure that the huge area under your bed is put to great use making your bedroom an even more versatile, functional space.

Want to unlock the benefits of the high bed design for yourself? Shop our high beds today and enjoy great value for money, superior design and the highest quality.