Bunk Bed Safety Tips from the Experts

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Bunk beds offer a range of benefits, particularly in busy family homes. As well as being excellent space savers, bunk beds offer the flexibility you need to cater to the requirements of your growing children. Many bunk bed designs, including our own, offer versatile features that can be combined with extra beds, sofas or desks to unlock a selection of advantages for sleep, relaxation and study.

Thanks to all these benefits, and of course the fun fact of this timeless design, bunk beds are making something of a comeback in family homes across the UK. As a leading supplier of high quality, real wood bunk beds, we not only supply the best designs in the business, but advise on bunk bed use. Many parents, particularly those who are first time bunk bed buyers, have concerns about the safety of this specific bed design. Just one of the reasons why we’ve decided to dedicate this post to promoting the bunk bed safety tips that will put your mind at ease and ensure your bunk bed purchase is an excellent addition to your home.

Buy from the best

Investing in the highest quality bunk bed design on the market is a great place to begin, and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy quality, safety and style. At Really Spruce, we stock a number of affordable, attractive bunk beds, each of which has been designed and manufactured with the highest level of safety in mind.

Just like our range of high beds, standard beds, units and wardrobes, our bunk beds are made from quality materials that won’t let you down. Our products are built to last, and feature a number of extra safety features that other retailers and manufacturers don’t supply as standard. Our bunk beds feature rounded edges to prevent injuries as well as flat treads on their steps for safe and simple use.

Enlist an expert to assemble

The assembly process can be difficult for even the most seasoned DIY enthusiast. To ensure maximum bunk bed safety however, correct assembly shouldn’t be left to chance.

We offer a professional furniture assembly service across our entire range to make sure the bunk bed you have purchased is fully secure and fit for purpose. To find out more about our furniture assembly service and pricing, please visit our Logistic & Install page.

Enforce a few safety rules

Kids will be kids, and when the new and exciting challenge of scaling a bunk bed (without using the ladders) arises, most children will take it on with gusto. Being clear about bunk bed safe behaviour from the very beginning is therefore important. Only one person should be in the top bunk at any one time, and items must also not be hung from any part of the bunk bed to limit hazards. As well as laying down the law before installation of the new bunk bed is complete, it may be worth running through the rules regularly, particularly if your child has a friend sleeping over.

Take note of the age restrictions

Age restrictions are there for a reason after all. It’s recommended that children aged six or under should not be left to play unattended in a room with bunk beds. According to research, most bunk bed injuries occur in children under the age of 5. The upper bunk should therefore not be used by young children (aged 6 or under).

Now that bunk bed safety has been covered, why not get shopping? We stock a complete collection of safe, comfortable, child friendly and stylish bunk bed designs. Shop the latest here.