Choosing the Right Bed for Your Child

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Choosing the Right Bed for Your Child

The average person spends a third of their life in bed (yes, really!), which makes choosing the right bed for your needs and your budget important. For children, getting the right amount of sleep in comfortable and calming surroundings isn’t just a matter of replenishment. During those crucial early years, sleep promotes growth, ensures heart health, fights childhood obesity, boosts immunity, reduces the risk of injury, and aids learning in kids of all ages.

Your choice of bed, and mattress, is crucial to getting your little ones to bed on time and will ensure they get the right amount of sleep. But with all these health and development benefits in mind, selecting the right bed is made even more daunting. Let us put your mind at ease and make your search for the perfect bed simple with our top tips.

Consider the size and needs of your space

For bedrooms where space is at a premium or in instances where you have other furniture additions in mind, thinking about the size of the children’s bedroom you are looking to furnish is important. To relax properly you’ll need to select a kids bed that is the right size for the room and allows for a reasonable amount of space around it.

The same amount of thought should go into your storage needs. If you have a lot of belongings that you need to find a place for in your child’s bedroom then opting for a bed that incorporates storage, like our high beds, may be the best option for you. Bunk beds are another great choice for those looking to free up floor space when accommodating two children in one room. Many of our bunk beds are also perfect for single child bedrooms, with the space below able to provide a versatile area for studying and playing.

Go for the highest quality every time

Selecting a bed that is built to last is important, after all you don’t want to be upgrading your furniture annually. Check that the bed you choose is made out of quality materials that are both durable and low maintenance. Wooden designs always excel on the quality front, and give ample opportunity for buyers to enjoy style and substance at the same time.

With quality also comes better health and safety with the sturdier designs made from the best materials able to take the brunt of regular bed bouncing and play. Safety can be enhanced further with the addition of rounded furniture edges and flat treads on the steps of bunk beds.

Don’t forget the mattress!

You should never purchase a bed without considering the mattress, in fact the two should work in perfect harmony to provide the very best night’s sleep. Certain mattresses are better suited to certain bed designs with foam mattresses the best choice for slatted bed frames and spring beds developed to be teamed with spring mattresses.

Finding the right bed for your child is made easier with our product range. As specialists in children’s and student furniture, our beds are an integral part of our collection and trusted by countless happy customers already.