The Domino Effect: Should I Go for a Complete Design Overhaul?

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As your children grow, their needs and tastes will evolve, and this doesn’t just apply to their preferences when it comes to the food and drink they consume! Your children’s room, and its design, can be the perfect outlet for their changing tastes, however regularly altering the colour of bedroom walls and purchasing new furniture to complement them simply isn’t an option for most families. That’s where our Domino collection comes in.

In this article, we introduce the Domino systems that we provide leaving you to find the furniture that will grow with your children, not be outgrown by them.

Made from solid wood

Our use of real wood really sets our room systems apart from our competitors’ products. Our Domino systems are made from either solid spruce or beech to ensure you can unlock the various advantages that go hand-in-hand with real wood furniture use. As well as being environmentally friendly, our real wood Domino systems offer practical and safe options across a number of designs.

Completely customisable

Contrary to popular belief, our use of real wood doesn’t restrict the plethora of designs you have to choose from. In addition to choosing a colour and finish that your child will adore, our Domino systems can be mixed and matched to suit your child and yours alone.

As well as being able to purchase complete systems, the furniture pieces that make up our Domino children’s rooms can be bought separately for complete customisation. Does your child love to read? Your Domino design can feature a desk so they can read their favourite books in pure comfort. Does your child enjoy having friends over for sleepovers? Make sure you include a pull out bed in your Domino room. Want to keep track of your child’s height as they grow? Accessorise with a wooden children’s meter. Do you have a child that loves to climb? Our mini climbing wall is the perfect addition for you.

As well as providing the large furniture items that complete your design, we also offer the soft furnishings you need to finish the look.

Designed for the long term

Thanks to the solid wood design of all our Domino furniture items, your room system is built to last. Alongside its long lifespan and minimal maintenance, Domino room systems can be added to as your child’s tastes and interests change.

Our variable Domino room systems give you all you need to alter the look and feel of your child’s bedroom over time. The Domino designs we offer can be mixed and matched to take your child from toddler to teenager at minimal cost. That’s right after purchasing your Domino system, all you’ll have to foot the bill for is the paint. Choosing a complete design overhaul ensures you can keep a handle on costs as your child grows, as well as create a fun, functional and safe space for the best possible development.

View our Domino children’s rooms for yourself here.