An Essential Guide to Buying Children’s Furniture

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When it comes to furnishing your child’s bedroom, quality really does count. There are tons of furniture products out there, some great, some not so good. Whilst it may be tempting to follow the latest trends to furnish your child’s bedroom, it is important to understand that your selection should be built for the long haul. Whatever your needs, desired room look or budget, your furniture will act as the centrepiece, which makes getting it right first time even more essential.

As a leading provider of exceptionally crafted, simple and functional children’s furniture, we know all too well the challenges that parents face when making their furniture choices. Here we share our top tips for buying children’s furniture so you can enjoy the design, longevity and safety that you need.

Remember, safety first

We take the safety credentials of all our products extremely seriously, and when furnishing your child’s bedroom, it’s certain to be at the top of your list of priorities too. Unfortunately, not all children’s furniture products have been made equal, which can make choosing the safest option for your child difficult.

Rounded furniture edges are a super safe feature that will stand you in good stead should accidents happen, as they often do when children play in their bedrooms. Having the ability to anchor furniture to the wall is also a worthwhile design feature to look for, particularly when it comes to the heavier items of furniture, such as display units and bookcases. If you are buying a bunk bed, choose products with flat step treads for safe and comfortable mounting and dismounting.

Quality really does count

Children’s furniture is an investment, which means the quality of your selections is an important consideration. Natural children’s furniture products, such as those made from well dried spruce and beech wood, are perfect additions that not only look great but have a long lifespan, even in chaotic children’s bedrooms.

In addition to being highly durable, your chosen furniture should be easy to clean. Furniture that requires a lot of maintenance will quickly fall into disrepair without the right care so select products that simply require a wipe with a clean cloth or a bit of polish to remain in tip top condition.

Find a design that works for you

There are countless designs available, but ensuring that they complement the space you are looking to furnish is vital. Before you go furniture shopping, make sure you are armed with the right information, i.e. the dimensions of your room. You may also want to decide on the colour scheme of your room to ensure the furniture you choose matches or complements your plans. It may be worthwhile to think about the future, children grow up fast after all, and their tastes and preferences are certain to change over time. Furniture that is simple, versatile and functional in its design is an excellent choice.

Want to furnish your child’s bedroom with the best quality products around? You’re in the right place, browse our collection right here. You can also contact our team direct for further advice.