What Makes Our Products So Unique?

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Here at Really Spruce, we are extremely proud of our product range. From our bunk beds, high beds, standard beds and mattresses to our unit furniture, wardrobes and accessories, our collection is packed with the quality products that have made our client’s bedrooms great, functional and comfortable places to spend time.

As our array of happy customers will tell you, there are so many features that make Really Spruce products unique and a great choice for them. In this blog post, we share just a few of the reasons why our expertly crafted furniture products are the first choice for the most discerning buyers.


Whilst we don’t recommend buying furniture just because it is on trend, the attractive and smart design of our furniture is always en vogue.

We believe that our customers shouldn’t have to choose between a great looking piece of furniture and a quality product, that’s why our attractive collection showcases items that are both, and so much more. Our Domino children’s rooms go one step further to provide a complete design solution for your needs. With the ability to add additional elements and alter the combination, and even the function, of furniture, our Domino systems are built to last as your kids change and grow, and their needs and preferences alter.


In our opinion, and the opinions of many others, natural materials trump other man-made substances every time. Going natural to furnish your child’s room may seem like an odd choice, but contrary to popular belief, the natural materials used to make our products are durable and easy to clean.

We use well dried spruce and beech wood to unlock a range of advantages for our customers. As well as being particularly sturdy and hard-wearing, our wooden furniture items contain none of the nasty substances that many unnatural furniture options comprise of. You’ll find no formaldehydes, dioxin, heavy metals and similar in our products, just natural, raw materials that are of the highest quality.


Just one of the advantages of using natural, raw materials as the basis of our product range is the solidness they promise and deliver over time. These materials are not only harmless and high quality but built to last. To ensure this, all our furniture carries a 2-year guarantee or an extended guarantee of 3 years if you choose for our products to be delivered and assembled by our professional installers.


The health and safety of our products and the experience they offer is an important part of our ethos at Really Spruce. Our furniture range has been specially designed to provide the safety features that so many don’t, including flat step treads on our bunk beds and rounded edges across our furniture range. Safety is the very first thing on our minds when designing a new product or manufacturing a product in our existing range, and we make your quest for maximum safety simple as a result so you can keep your precious little one safe.

Discover what makes our product range so unique for yourself by shopping with us today. Browse our collection online or get in touch with us for support.