Children´s growing chair ZUZU

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Children´s growing chair ZUZU

On the children´s growing chair ZUZU, you can adjust the height both of the seat and of the footrest independently on each other.
So even the smallest children can sit comfortably at a desk of standard height.
Zuzu is available in natural finish and in other six colour combinations.
The chair can additionally have a pen for very small children – MIMIset and also an upholstered booster seat, which is available in the same colours as the chair.

Color: natural, varnish
Available in colours: blue, pink, red, yellow, green, orange


The booster seat for ZUZU

This is an optional accessory to the children´s growing chair ZUZU. The upholstered booster seat is available in the same colours as the chair ZUZU.
The booster seat can be used together with the pen MIMI SET.

Booster seat price:
MIMI SET price: 13£