Double bed FANTASY no.2


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jointed solid oak



Double bed FANTASY no.2

Double bed FANTASY no.2

Elegant bed that will not do shame of any bedroom. The smooth design illustrates the milled and perfectly rounded legs of the bed.
You can maximize your comfort, because of the adjustable round headboard,  for example when you want to read book
And where you put the book?      You can choose bedside table or chest of drawers from FANTASY collection (UNIT FURNITURE)

The frame specification and adjustable round headboard

  1. the bed frame has adjustable height (minimum 50cm)
  2. adjustable headboard is characterized by maximum comfort and versatility(you can choose from up to 3 positions when assembly the bed)
  3. comfort can be maximized when you buy headrest make from modern and guality fabric CARABU with Aqua Clean technology.

Slatted base isn´t included in price.

wooden slats in frame – solid beech (1pc)………………..  92£

slatted bed bases with side opening (1pc)………………  199£

slatted bed bases with front opening (1pc)………………  229£


14 kinds of oil surface treatment.