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Nowadays, accent is put not only on the mattress core but also on the cover. Especially washable covers are very popular. Branded cover materials, like Sanitized, Aloe Vera, Lyocell, Medicott, have a special treatment of the knitwear which protects against mites, bacteria and many kinds of fungi without any chemical additives. Additionally, the materials conduct the moisture away from the body excellently, quickly dry out and are pleasant to the touch. All our offered covers can be washed at 60 C. For easier washing and handling the cover is separable by means of a zipper into two parts.

Quality cover which contains extracts of the well-known plant Aloe Vera barbaensis of the Lily family. It has a positive influence on the skin and has an antibacterial effect. The cover is quilted in a three-zone method, it is pleasant to touch and a standard woven logo guarantees the uniqueness of the product.

Antibacterial cover that offers a perfect protection against bacteria and mites and prevents the microorganisms from reproduction. It maintains the biological balance of the skin and contributes to the physical and psychological comfort of the user. Thanks to the anti-microbial treatment, Sanitized is a revolutionary solution for people suffering from allergy.

Material made from pure natural fibre obtained from wood by means of an environmentally friendly technology. With all of its outstanding characteristics it provides an optimum comfort during sleep. One of its best properties is a high absorption capacity and fast evaporation. These properties provide for a perfect feeling even for persons with a higher perspiration. Lenzing Lyocell microfibres provide the textile with a silky shine and are resistant and insensitive to microorganisms. The cover is washable at 60° C.

Branded type of knitted cover that prevents the formation and settling of mites and fungi thanks to its special composition. The mites live in a dark, damp and poorly ventilated environment, and your bed exactly meets such conditions. The main means of subsistence for the mites are skin cells falling off your skin. These are decomposed by fungi and thus become digestible for dust mites. The fungi itself cause allergy with respiratory symptoms. Medicott is the effective ingredient of the textile that avoids the formation of fungi as well as surviving of dust mites in cotton or in textiles based on cotton. Medicott has excellent antibacterial effects that have been achieved without addition of chemicals. The secret of successful effectiveness lies in removing impurities from natural cotton fibres and thus avoiding a potential home for fungi. The cover has a long-lasting effect at regular care. The cover is washable at 60°C. For a feeling of a higher comfort, we deliver this cover textile quilted to 300g/m.