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BIO foam





High luxury mattress with excellent orthopedical features. Top yellow layer with hardness No. 2 – suitable for women – is made from cold bio foam containing soya oil. Bio foam have great elasticity, permeability, keep shape and have long service life. Special lateral and endwise cross section keep mattress aerated and optimize comfort for each part of your body. The middle of mattress is made from 2 hard MediFoam layers – each have different hardness. Total mattress height is about 21 cm.

Dimensions: 80×200 cm, 90×200 cm, cover: Aloe Vera – price: 399£
Dimensions: 80×200 cm, 90×200 cm, cover: Sanitized, Lyocell, Medicott – price: 435£



Soya extract from which mattresses are made has not only a positive effect on the human body but also saves our ecosystem – it reduces the consumption of raw

materials. Soya has been prized for thousand of years as a raw material of Far East countries for its relatively high proportion of lecithin. Lecithin increases the intensity of breathing of human skin, it affects its flexibility. It regulates the pH-value of the skin and supports the natural protective coating against aggressive enviromental influences. Using natural raw materials has a unique effect on the final properties of the mattress. The material offers an excellent elasticity and reduces the risk of possible deformations. Its flexibility has been increased. During the design of the matress core structure based on the soya extract we start from proven experience and especially from the positive response of satisfied customers.