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antibacterial foam


80×200, 90×200, 140×200 cm


Core of this mattress is made up of high-density foam Medifoam with transverse openings that provide for perfect air permeability. Yellow-green antibacterial foam prevents the formation of bacteria and the presence of mites. This side is marked with a label on the cover. The green elastic foam is shaped in massage nubs in 7 zones. The mattress is suitable for people suffering from allergy. It can be placed on all types of bed-frames with slats even on a fixed one. Total mattress height is approx. 20 cm. Bearing capacity up to 120 kg

Dimensions: 80×200 cm, 90×200 cm, cover: Aloe Vera – price: 192£
Dimensions: 80×200 cm, 90×200 cm, cover: Sanitized, Lyocell, Medicott – price: 210£
Dimensions: 140×200 cm, cover: Aloe Vera – price: 320£
Dimensions: 140×200 cm, cover: Sanitized, Lyocell, Medicott – price: 359£


SANITIZED – hygienic function

Sanitized is integrated into foam and covers.
It has an excellent skin tolerance.
The advantage of using Sanitized is the hygiene freshness and a pleasant feeling when in contact with the fabric.
Sanitized compensates for the lack of protective means at textile, skin, plastic and foam. It permanently prevents from the growth of bacteria, yeasts, funghi and mites, and thus ensures the functional properties of the fibre.
Sanitized provides the same protection of textiles which provides a deodorant to a man.
This kind of ingredient or its combinations are used in the cosmetic industry. All of them have been tested for safety and harmlessness.
The mattress and bedding are particularly sensitive to dust, mites, bacteria and fungi.
The body eliminates sweat, fat and skin particles during sleep and so forms an ideal breeding ground for mites and bacteria. An effective cleaning is almost impossible, therefore the hygiene of the sleep can be increased just by the use of Sanitized that does not give any chance to unwanted guests.
The hygiene function of Sanitized is permanently incorporated into the mattress and the cover and provides for an effective protection against bacteria, mites and fungi. So even the asthmatics can breathe and sleep.