What are Health Mattresses?

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Without the right care and timely replacement – mattresses have an average lifespan of eight years – a mattress could present a bevy of issues for those who sleep on it. From neck and back pain to exposure to the bacteria and mould that can trigger allergic reactions or cause eczema, choosing and maintaining your mattress is fundamental to your wider health and well-being. At Really Spruce, we’re not just specialists in children’s and student furniture. Alongside our range of attractive, safe and solid beds, we supply a carefully curated collection of health mattresses.

Here we provide an essential guide to health mattresses so you can discover whether they are the right mattress choice for you.

What makes health mattresses different?

With an ethos for creating products made from the highest quality materials, our health mattresses are an important part of our product range. We stock and supply a number of health mattress products, each of which has been designed to relieve the loaded parts of the body to unlock a number of health benefits. All our health mattresses are made from specially developed foam, which has been crafted and positioned in various patterns to improve blood circulation amongst other benefits.

The Adela is just one of the health mattress models we so proudly provide. Made from a combination of elastic foam and Gel-Latex, this mattress in particular ensures a cooling and soft experience over time, whilst maintaining its flexibility and elasticity for continued comfort. Like all of our health mattresses, our Adela product uses a layered, cross sectioned design that ensures optimum air circulation.

Who are health mattresses suitable for?

As the name suggests, our health mattresses have been designed to relieve the health issues affecting a variety of individuals, including those with back problems and the long term bedridden. Our health mattresses are also the perfect choice for those looking to prevent the health issues that arise due to the use of poor quality mattresses, and are therefore a popular and fitting option for healthy people too.

If you are looking for a mattress that provides unrivalled comfort and the ultimate sleeping experience, the health mattress is for you!

How can I find the right health mattress for me?

We stock a wide selection of clinically tested health mattresses here at Really Spruce, with each model providing a unique system to cater to the requirements of individual sleepers. As well as being able to choose from our extensive range of models, our health mattresses are available with varying levels of hardness and in a multitude of dimensions to suit your preferences and bed frame choice.

We also stock health mattress covers that use branded materials such as Sanitized, Aloe Vera, Lyocell and Medicott. These washable covers are an excellent choice for those looking to improve comfort and cleanliness further, and provide various additional benefits.

You can view our selection of health mattresses online. Our team is also on hand to provide professional advice regarding the health mattress product that will suit you.