Wooden Furniture: Why it Pays to Go for the Real Thing

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Here at Really Spruce, we like to keep things au naturel. As a result, all the furniture we design and produce, from our beds and units to our wardrobes and accessories, is made from real wood. Using carefully selected well dried spruce and beech wood, our furniture means you can enjoy superior quality courtesy of the best materials.

Our ethos for keeping things simple and making the finished product perfect is all well and good, but those looking to keep a handle on their budget, may think real wood furniture is out of their reach. We help customers with varying needs and budgets embrace the best quality so the rewards of going for the real thing can be reaped by all. Read on to discover the benefits of buying real wood furniture over plastic, metal or other man-made options.

The healthy choice

We’re proud to make our furniture from real wood, and the fact that our designs don’t contain any unsuitable materials, including formaldehydes, dioxin, heavy metals and similar substances, makes our beds and furniture not just comfortable but safe. As specialists in children’s and student furniture, the health and safety of our bedroom products is high on our list of priorities. We understand that the furniture you choose will be use every day, and our materials choice reflects this quest for a healthier environment.

A solid and supportive base

The strength of real wood is unrivalled by many man-made materials – don’t believe us? We trust the quality of our furniture so much that we offer a two to three year guarantee on our products as standard. The wider design of the furniture we supply can also be developed with robustness in mind. The long lasting nature of the raw materials we use means the resulting wooden frame will be with you for some time to ensure a practical and worthwhile investment for you and your family.

As well as the long lifespan, real wood beds require minimal maintenance. Most designs are finished with a protective lacquer so the wood underneath can be successfully safeguarded and simply wiped clean should accidents occur.

Look after yourself and the planet

It’s not just you and your family that benefit from the purchase of a real wood bed or furniture item. As one of the most widely available, renewable resources on the planet, choosing real wood helps the environment too. All the wood we use to make our beds and furniture has been sustainably sourced, before the raw material is crafted into the high quality products you see in our extensive range.

Where the real thing comes as standard

Finding the perfect real wood bed or furniture product is easy. We stock a vast selection, meaning you can find designs that suit your taste, needs and budget. From modern to traditional, we have styles for all.

Get shopping today by browsing our product range here. Alternatively, please contact our team direct for assistance on 07778 175 265 or email info@reallyspruce.com.